Roselli Restoration

~Fine Furniture Restoration~

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1900 West 39th St, Suite B-201 Vancouver, WA 98660

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Here are some of the repairs we do:


    * Gluing of chairs, and other loose joints on all wooden furniture

    * Repairing and replacing wood veneer

    * Filling dents, cracks and scratches

    * Touching up areas to hide blemishes and repairs

    * Color matching to other pieces in your collection

    * Carving and hand-turning reproductions of missing parts

    * Full restoration when a piece is in poor condition, keeping the piece true to age, unless otherwise specified

    * Faux finishes

    * French Polishing and other specialty finishes

    * Pick up and delivery is available, and fees varies by location 



Here at Roselli Restoration we provide a wide range of repairs, refinishing, or even full restoration of antique and modern furniture. We understand what your project means to you.  We listen to your concerns and will discuss the best way to reach a satisfactory end result, while still applying the care, craftsmanship, and originality that went into your piece in the beginning.

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